The Schools programme establishes an ongoing and enduring relationship with the school-age community in which cinema occupies a central position. What is cinema? What is its relationship to the real world? And, in an eminently visual world, to what extent does cinema influence our lives? — these are just some of the questions raised by the programme. As well as providing opportunities for cultural enjoyment, we aim to use cinema as a tool for groups and individuals to learn about the world and themselves.

Through screenings and complementary activities with students and teachers, we also seek to broaden knowledge of cinematographic practices, relating these to themes seen as relevant by younger viewers. With this project we hope to reaffirm the cinema auditorium as a space of citizenship.

Schools Programme



Joana Canas Marques

Sofia Lemos Marques






Snipp, Snapp, Snut, Mia Hulterstam and Cecilia Actis, 2016


La petite vendeuse de soleil, Djibril Diop Mambéty, 1999


Altötting, Andreas Hykade, 2020

I. Film Programme

The Film Programme for Schools comprises supervised sessions intended for students at different stages of education, from pre-school through to secondary school. The films, understood as both artistic and discursive objects, will provide moments for debate and reflection on their connections to personal experiences in and out of school, and to processes of individual learning. The sessions are organised across four themes — Ecology, Friendship, Identity and Diaspora.

This programme is curated by Carlos Natálio, Melissa Rodrigues and Miguel Ramos.


December 2022–June 2023

September 2023—June 2024


Tuesday to Friday at 10:15


By appointment only, via or 932 007 622


Free: Oporto City Schools

Free: People accompanying the group (teachers and non-teaching staff)

1,5€: Schools outside the municipality of Porto

II. Proximity

In line with its mission to introduce school audiences to cinema and moving image, Batalha Centro de Cinema undertakes to develop an ongoing working relationship with Year 1 students from a local school.

By screening short films and combining these with games and other activities — such as workshops for making optical toys, images and sounds — we seek to encourage autonomy among the children, as well as reflecting on the way in which cinema and visual arts contribute to a more complete understanding of the world around us.

III. Teachers Group

The Schools programme will include a film appreciation group aimed at teachers from all school years and with different levels of existing knowledge about cinema. Using Batalha’s programme as a starting point, and drawing on the exchange of personal experiences, we aim to set in motion a broad-ranging discussion regarding the ways in which cinema can be integrated into student learning.

IV. Big Show

Batalha presents Big Show, an annual conference dedicated to the screening of final year film projects. The conference aims to bring together the film school community of Porto and encourage the sharing of different modes of production, direction and teaching.

At the end of each school year, FBAUP, ESMAD, ESAP, Escola das Artes da UCP and Universidade Lusófona submit films produced by their final year students, which are judged by a committee convened by the Centro de Cinema. The selected films will be screened at Batalha, exclusively for the film school community, on a day of celebration and togetherness at the end of their course.

The selection committee for the first edition of Big Show is composed of Catarina de Sousa, producer and artist, Cléo Tavares, actor, and Pedro Serrazina, director and teacher.

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