This ongoing element of Batalha’s output aims to promote critical thinking and writing about film and the moving image. It comprises the publication of in-house editions and the commissioning of new critical texts dedicated to films appearing in the cinema’s programme.


The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, Zacharias Kunuk, 2006

Programme Notes

Every year, Batalha assembles a group of guest authors, invited for their diverse and complementary relationships with cinema, with the view to producing new critical and essayistic texts dedicated to films within Batalha's programme. Made available in the programme notes for each screening — in a collectable format — these texts can also be read online.

Bios for each of the 11 guest authors.


Edited and published by Batalha, but featuring literary and critical contributions from outside authors, these publications are intimately related to our programme — accompanying and expanding the interpretation of individual cycles — or explore the work of contemporary artists and directors.